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Meet Our Instructors

All our instructors have completed full training programs, and have passed NJ state licensing exams. Our instructors also go through rigorous Police and FBI background checks so as to ensure the safety of our students

Diane Sullivan


Diane brings over 29 years of driving instruction experience to Approach Driving School. In 2002, Diane was instrumental in petitioning the state to provide road tests at the


Randolph Motor Vehicle Commission. She has a keen knowledge of the process from the vision test straight through to the road test. Her calm approach in dealing with first time drivers makes Approach Driving School stand above the others.

Diane has over 5,900 hours in training students with “6 hours behind the wheel,” has one of the highest success rates in applicants passing the state road test, and tutors the state written exam. Diane has trained and documented paperwork for many instructors in starting their own Driving Schools.

Diane began her training in driving as a bus driver for nearly 20 years where she learned the importance of safety and communicating with kids and young adults about safety.

I feel honored that Kyle Holder, an intern at the Governor’s office, called me when he was asked by the Governor to call a local driving school to be present at yesterday’s bill signing. Needless to say that I, and all that were present, were very moved by the accounts of this one careless moment that has devastated this family. Because of everyone’s support it has given them strength and purpose in their son’s memory. I promised Nikhil’s dad that as an owner of a driving school, I will make sure every new driver understands that “STOP MEANS STOP”.


Diane Sullivan (middle) poses with Kendall and Kyle Holder while present at the “Nikhil’s Law” signing by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno


Acting Governor Kim Guadagno speaks during the signing of “Nikhil’s Law” (A-1781) at the Motor Vehicle Commission in Randolph. The bill was named for 11-year-old Nikhil Badlani, who was killed in a car crash in 2011 when another car failed to stop at a stop sign

Dave Chapman



As a father of two young daughters, Dave knows the best way to teach the necessary skills of driving is to approach his lessons with patience and an easy-going manner. He wants his students to take these first steps behind the wheel as an adventure, the beginning of a long and safe future of driving. Using his forty plus years of driving experience, Dave merges the classroom lessons with practical experience on the road. He can also be seen working in Roxbury schools as a Paraprofessional.


Christina Ferrante


Christina Ferrante is one of our most requested instructors for female students. She prepares students for

real, unexpected driving scenarios. She builds confidence and awareness for her drivers, and she prepares each of them to understand a vehicle’s dynamics so that they arrive safely every time they drive.


Mike Baranello


Mike’s goal when instructing his students is to leave them confident and competent behind the wheel. Calm and

patient, Mike will take the time to make sure that each one of his students finishes their lessons with him fully prepared to not only pass the road test, but also able to understand and handle the responsibility of driving.

Mike lives in Rockaway with his wife and three children.

Much of his free time is spent going from one child’s sporting event to another and he wouldn’t have it any other way.


In addition to being a driving instructor, Kori has a strong background in athletics. She has been teaching Health and Physical Education at Mount Olive 

Kori Pruden


HS for nine years. She has also taught Driver's Education for the last five years. Kori has been a lacrosse coach for the last ten years and is currently the assistant varsity coach. She is also the mother to one daughter, and recently welcomed a baby boy to the family.


Frank brings 17 plus years of experience as an instructor to Approach Driving School. He is a retired law enforcement professional who has served the Morris County community for over 28 

Frank Corrente


years. Upon retiring from law enforcement Frank has spent an additional 10 years as a Human Resouces Executive. Frank uses his experience in both fields to bring added value to his driving instruction. He believes that safety and communication are the cornerstones of preparing young inexperienced drivers for the challenges that they will face while learning how to drive.

Frank is the father of 3 adult children and the proud grandfather of 4.


Mike Hangley


Mike has worked for Pepsi for over 25 years – 17 years as a driver and 8 as a supervisor. Mike has successfully rolled out The Smith System and TEST (Ten Easy Safety Tips) Drive defensive

driving programs to the New Jersey Market and is a certified TEST Master Trainer for Pepsi.

Mike has been credited with saving the lives of a co-worker and his son and was asked to appear in three driver training videos that have been instituted by Pepsi worldwide.

Mike lives in Hopatcong with his wife of 29 years and their four children.

Before Mike became a driving instructor for Approach Driving, his daughter had won her driving lessons from Approach at the Hopatcong High School Annual Tricky Tray!


Fred Eckert Jr.


Fred has worked with teenagers for over twenty years, volunteering with the church youth group and working as a counselor with Willow Glen

Academy for juvenile delinquents. He serves as a counsel for Morris Juvenile Council and is also the owner of a home-based business, “New Jersey’s Forgotten History,” which entertains and educates the public on the exciting history of New Jersey.

Fred works with Approach Driving School and offers a map reading class for students at $10.00 per 45 minute class.

He and his wife Cindy have three grown children and have resided in Netcong for 32 years.


Fred’s sense of humor often helps students relax and focus on their driving tests!

Anna Lewicka



Anna has been a district manager for a local business for over 10 years. She has great knowledge of roads in North, East, and West New Jersey. Anna has experienced many scenarios on the road and would like to share her knowledge with young drivers. She has lived in Hopatcong for 20 years, has taught both of her sons to drive. Anna is patient which allows her to make teaching a fun and enjoyable experience. She also can speak the Polish language fluently.

William Nahan



Will is entering his 5th year as a driving instructor. He has taught students from all over Morris & Sussex County. Will is also a high school Health and Physical Education teacher currently in his 11th year teaching. During the fall season he coaches high school football. Will's goal as a driving instructor is to prepare your child to be confident in all different types of driving situations and for them to be ready to drive with their parent/guardian as they obtain their learner's permit. 

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