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Top Quality Driver Instruction

Approach Driving School offers behind-the-wheel instruction and new driver education for New Jersey drivers age 16 and up. Our instructors specialize in driving lessons for teenagers, and offer a calm demeanor, along with years of experience. At no time will there be other students in our DUAL CONTROL, NEW DRIVER IDENTIFIABLE CAR with the instructor.

Have a student with learning difficulties or requiring special attention? Consider our Gold Guardian Program.

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Aprende a pasar examen de manejo en nuestro vehículo.

Llama a Santiago: 862-391-9172

Select A Package Below to Enroll Now!

Behind Wheel
BRONZE package

6 HOURS of Behind-the-Wheel instruction. Insurance certificate included. We obtain permit for student prior to lessons and do the state eye test at our office so as not to waste time at the DMV. Pick-up and drop-off is included. The student will receive their validated permit upon completion of six hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Total Price: $379.00 ($449.00 beginning January 1, 2024)

     OR save $25 on your road test review and car rental by including it now with our....


Includes everything in the Bronze package. Additionally, your student will meet with their instructor at the Approach Driving School office on the day of their test for a road test review with an emphasis on Parallel Parking. 

Add $100.00 for 1/2 Hour review 

Add $150.00 for Full Hour review 

SILVER package

Same as the Bronze Package but additionally, on the day of the road test, we will pick up the student in our provided car and do a one hour review lesson. After the road test we will return the student to home or school.


With the parent's permission, we can leave the student at the DMV to wait to obtain their license, and the parent can make arrangement to pick up the student later in the day.


Total Price: $579.00 ($649.00 beginning January 1, 2024)
(5 miles outside area add $50)


This course is specifically guided towards students with learning difficulties, aspergers syndrome, or those that just simply learn differently. Maybe your child suffers from extreme anxieties or has social skill issues, and will succeed better with some extra TLC. It is a 12 hour course, including an hour consultation with parent. Course also includes a 1 hour review and use of our car on the day of your student's road test.

Total Price: $999.00

Written Driving Test

Still need to take the written test? We are authorized to administer that test. Avoid the hassle and the crowds at the Motor Vehicle Center. You can take your test in the peace and comfort of our office. Call our office to set up an appointment.

Total Price: $49.00

In addition to Behind-the-Wheel instruction, we also offer the following services for tests at the Randolph Motor Vehicle Center:
Road Test Review *

Meet at the Approach Driving School office on the day of your student's test for a road test review, and practice with parallel parking.  We also provide use of our car for the road test.

Total Price: $125.00 for 1/2 hour review 

                        $175.00 for full 1 hour review  


Test Review
Full Service Road Test *

On the day of your student's road test, we will pick-up 1 hour before their test in our car for a road test review and practice of parallel parking. We will then bring them to the Randolph Motor Vehicle Center for their test, and wait up to 1 hour after the test to obtain their license. We will then drop your student back at home or school.

Total Price: $225.00  

 (Outside of 5 mile radius - $275)

Total Price: $60.00

Car Rental Only *

No review, but we highly recommend that we evaluate your student. Our instructor will meet your student at the Randolph Motor Vehicle Center on the day of their test, and provide use of our dual control car for the test. We will talk to you about the things you should and shouldn't do, and offer helpful hints to get you through the test. Our instructor will serve as the licensed driver that is required to be present for all road tests.

car rental

* For Road Test Emergencies

If you need to schedule a car for a road test within the next 24 hours please text your request to 973-508-7501. A representative of Approach Driving School will contact you to discuss further details.

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