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Reviews and Testimonials

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We needed a car with the handbrake in the middle of the front seats.  We found this awesome service online.  We opted for the one hour practice session before the test and Ms Diane was an excellent instructor.  My 17 year old said that she explained many things about the test with him and gave him great advice.  Thank you, Approach Driving School!

Cizza R.

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5 stars are not enough to say how wonderful our experience with Approach Driving school was.  Their instructors are excellent with young new drivers, especially our instructor Mr. Eckert.  Our son was very anxious about taking his driving test and Mr. Eckert knew exactly what to do to put him at ease, and prepare him to successfully get his license on the first try!  We will highly recommend Approach to all our friends and family!

John R.

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My 3rd child is currently enrolled and taking lessons. Can't say enough great things about this school, the quality of the teaching, the way they truly care about their students and their ability to get kids road-ready. Highly recommend!

Lisa H.

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Words cannot express how happy we were with Approach Driving School.  Our son suffers from anxiety, ADHD, etc...  so we opted for the "Gold" Guardian Program with Fred Eckert.  
This program is designed for people who learn differently and would benefit from special attention.  It includes 12 hours of behind the wheel instruction (6 more than the state requires), consultation with the parents/guardians prior to lessons, a 1 hour review prior to the road test, and use of an Approach car for the road test.
While this program is more expensive than a traditional 6 hour program, it was worth every penny in our opinion.  Fred was excellent in making our son feel comfortable behind the wheel, but also pushed him when needed.  He also knew when our son needed a break (2 hours for someone with ADHD and anxiety feels more like 10 hours).  Fred even treated our son to a donut during one lesson :)
Additionally, Fred built up our son's confidence with his calm demeanor and positive reinforcement.  After each lesson, Fred filled us in on our son's progress and strengths and weaknesses.  The value of these conversations with Fred cannot be understated as they helped ease our concerns as parents.  
If you are at all considering the Guardian Program, but are hesitant due to the cost just do it.  Your child's first experience behind the wheel can make or break their desire to drive.  Fred will definitely make sure it is a positive experience not to mention that the additional cost is worth your piece of mind as a parent. 

Cheryl G.

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My daughter just passed her test. WooHoo! We are so happy with Approach school's service and results. The instructors are patient, kind and methodical. For today's test, Diane (the owner) went above and beyond the call of duty! She met us at Randolph as planned, did the refresher and got in line with the car to take the test. After much waiting, my daughter finally got to the front of the line, ready to take the driving test using the school's vehicle (I don't have a car with a hand brake). However, the proctor let me know that permit had the wrong test written date on it (it said Randolph, May 6) and she wasn't on the roster. They wouldn't let her take the test today. You can imagine how disappointing this was. I went inside and the next available date was in 3 weeks. A search on the computer showed that the test WAS actually scheduled for today (her birthday, May 9), but in RAHWAY. The permit stated Randolph, which is where I scheduled it, in person, a year ago. Clearly a clerical error but we were still out of luck, as I had no way to get a car with a hand brake to Rahway on such short notice.  I had to reschedule the test for Cherry Hill (!) for Monday - this was the best they could do. We were about to leave, grumpy and empty handed, but I decided it was a bit insane that we had to endure this disappointment AND cost outlay (I had already paid Approach for the use of the car) for a clerical error. So, I decided to try my luck talking with a supervisor outside in the testing area. After much discussion, they agreed to let her in, since it was clearly a DMV mistake. YAH! But now we were 2 hours past the scheduled road test time and our Approach car and instructor had moved on to other appointments. Diane quickly rearranged her own schedule, moved an appointment, and ran over to the test site with the car. She made what could have been an AWFUL birthday for a 17 year old girl into an absolute TRIUMPH and I am so thankful for her caring and response. I'd highly recommend!!

Molly M.

A Living Testimonial

From The Mother Of

A Recent Student

My daughter was driving with her best friend, also 18, in the front passenger seat towards her old high school. A pickup truck didn’t see her coming down the road, in oncoming traffic around 40-50 mph. And turned directly in front of her. Thanks to your instructors’ teaching, she slammed on the brake, maintained control of her car, swerved successfully around the pickup truck just barely missing it.

As my daughter reported to me:

Mom, I just have to tell you, taking that course saved Brooke’s and my life today! I didn’t have time to think… I just reacted as they taught us. We would have been killed… At least an ambulance ride… The pickup driver was so shaken up and apologetic. He kept saying how sorry he was… He said he just didn’t see us. I wouldn’t have known what to do, or slam on the brakes, if it weren’t for this course and what they taught us… it saved our lives.

So can you please tell the course director and driver from Sunday, that they saved 2 lives on Friday; my daughter and her best friend.

I am flying today to drop my daughter off to start her freshman year. If it weren’t for your course, and the superb teaching, we would be having a very different experience this week… not celebrating a daughter’s milestone to begin college, but a far worse parent’s worst nightmare instead.

So I just wanted to thank you and your instructors from the bottom of my heart.

–A Grateful Parent

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The Gold Guardian Program was awesome, totally exceeded my expectations! Thank you Diane and Instructor Fred for offering this type of program for young people that learn differently!

Angie D.

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I am not the type to make reviews, so when I do, you know I am beyond surprised on how excellent this service is. I have been through many different driving schools, all with negative experiences. But this was the best by far. I did a refresher course for an hour before my road test with Christina. She explained everything amazingly, and she was just overall a great person to be around. If I knew about this driving school from the start, I would’ve passed forever ago she made everything so much better.

Sierra L.

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A+ Service- Exceeded my expectations. I needed a car last minute, literally the morning of the driver's test for my daughter. We found out the night before the car we were supposed to use broke down. I tried every family member and friend. I tried calling all the car rental places. I used the emergency text service on their website and they were able to get us a car and practice within hours of her test! Diane at Approach was incredibly pleasant, professional and wonderful! She made my daughter feel comfortable and prepared and she passed her test! Thank you for the amazing service!

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EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!!! Brought my daughter before her driving road test.. She passed with flying colors!!! High recommended!!! Quality service!!! Excellent results!!!!

Timothy K.

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After 2 failed road tests. I finally decided to contact Approach Driving school.  I took the 1 hour practice with Christina.   I happily paid $125 to her. She was amazing. She made me feel confident and gave me the tricks to finally pass the test. Parallel parking was really easy with her trick. The guy who was doing the test told me that I was the first person today to do the parking without any mistakes :)  Thank you Christina.

Katerine G.

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Dear Diane, Thank you so very much for helping Chloe get a duplicate permit. We really appreciate your time and effort in communicating with the MVC. Warmest regards, Chloe, Maria and family

From, Maria Agyare

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